Sunday, February 01, 2015

January in Review

Red Bird of Happiness, made from handspun
Literature inhaled:
Upstairs at the Party -  Linda Grant - pretty good but nothing compared to...
Euphoria -  Lily King - the last few paragraphs broke my heart.
The Paying Guests - Sarah Waters - as audio book, compelling listening
The Beautiful Wreck - Larissa Brown - still reading it, still loving it.  I might have to buy a print copy to keep forever.  Is it possible that I have fallen in love with Old Norse?
History of the Rain - Niall Williams - started today, un-put-downable, laugh-out-loud funny and yet sad because of the circumstances of its bedridden narrator.
First Neon Monkey sock

Music adored:
July Talk, playing it on a loop at my desk and in the car.  I am obsessed.

Coffee bought in shops or cafes:
ZERO!!!!  That means I am £2.50 x 20 working days = £50 better off than usual - woo hoo!

Puerperium cardigan for work colleague's sprog
Unethical Clothes bought:  3 pairs of trousers from Mango
Unethical Clothes sent back:  3 pairs of trousers from Mango (clownishly big in two sizes)
Outcome:  a complaint to Mango about their shockingly poor customer service.  The free returns label sends your goods to a 3rd party shipping company in the UK which then batches up parcels and sends them on to Spain.  This can take 3 weeks.  If your refund does not come through, you have to contact the shipping company with your Royal Mail reference and ask them for a copy of their shipping label for you to fax (FAX!) to Mango!  This is inefficient at best, and the potential for fraud is enormous.  None of this is explained on their website.
Refunds received:  1 so far (it took 3 weeks).  2 still waiting.

It probably serves me right for breaking my pledge not to shop with unethical retailers.
Not to shop full stop.

Ethical Clothes Bought:
One absolutely wonderful wool / cashmere big baggy sweater / dress made in a small workshop in Portugal for Beaumont Organic, purchased from Gather and See in their sale at a massively reduced price.  I am almost afraid to put it on because I don't think I will ever take it off again.  You'll see it in action soon, I promise!
Ethical sweater :)

Yarn bought:
None.  But lots of knitting progress made, as the pictures show.

Fabric bought:
None. Just as well, as I haven't done any sewing yet this year.  It can't be long now.  I am going slightly nuts wearing the same things all the time and I don't seem to have the skillz or patience to buy regular clothes.

Myeloma update:
In the words of the Consultant, FL's latest Freelite result is "Not perfect, but controlled".  Hmm.
He has had new pain in his ribs, but it is under control.
The Consultant prescribed Pomalidomide again - how much longer will he get away with this?  Pomalidomide is our only hope, but we know those Freelite numbers are critical and the Consultant's evasive answer concerns me.
Keep on taking the tablets.

And keep knitting.


Cazz said...

I recommend one of these.

Bodum travel press. Makes delicious coffee. I like latte so warm milk in microwave, add ground coffee, top up with hot water. Leave for 5 minute then press.
Got one for Christmas from the OH and love it.

Love the socks. Your using some great colour mixes recently.

Sarahel said...

That sweater looks really comfy. I've not quite finished one skirt in 2015 but have managed to succomb to several online fabric sales so I admire your self control.

I'm horrified by your tale of the trail of the Mango refund policy. Vagaries of both returns policies and sizing deter me from widening the circle of companies from which I order - it can all be very frustrating.

Fingers crossed for FL's treatment

Diana Burrell said...

Have you seen the Norwegian film called Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion? Mango was the retailer they focused on in one of the (short) episodes. The whole series is a quick watch and has English subtitles:

Hope FL stays strong. My mother has myeloma so my sympathies and good thoughts are with you.

jessica said...

Scrumptious fiber projects and that sweater/dress looks PERFECT. Fingers crossed on FL. Toes, too.

Roobeedoo said...

Cazz - I have one of those! It is purple too! :)

Diana - Oh dear oh dear I really did blot my ethical copybook by trying to shop from Mango. I am just glad I sent the items back. Thanks for the link.

Alicia Taylor said...

Thank you so much for including Gather&See in your post, we are so glad you like the jumper! On another note those Neon socks are out of this world - LOVE them!

The Foggy Knitter said...

The neon monkeys are awesome! Now want to make neon monkeys...

Glad FL still has his meds, hope they continue to help