Saturday, February 07, 2015

Underlings and Secret Things

We had our first proper snow of the winter, and the farm road is still a mess of snow and ice, even though there is no weather left in the city.
At the same time, we had a series of unfortunate events:  a leaking kitchen skylight, a blown-open bathroom skylight (fancy some snow in your morning shower?!), then the handle came off the oven door, my exhaust pipe started rattling alarmingly and I thought it was going to fall off, FL got his car stuck in the mud, and the chimney was blocked.  So there was a moment there when we were being assaulted on all sides by wind, rain and snow, with no fire, an inaccessible access road, one unreliable car and one in the bog, no mail or rubbish collections and... yeah.  It was all a bit much.
So I have been appreciating a gradual return to normality.

There has been lots of knitting in these parts, but my main project is a secret test knit - whoo! 
I can show you the yarn I am using (above), but that's your lot - oh how mysterious and fascinating! ;)

So progress on Kex has stalled yet again.  Sorry Kex!
But once the secret is off my needles, I will be cracking on with the blanket border.
That's all I have left to do - woo hoo!
In sewing news...
I desperately need new underlings, so pulled myself together to order some supplies and do some actual stitching.
This is the Grace pattern by Ohhh Lulu. 
I saw Jessica's pants, and decided to copy her :)
This is my test pair, using oddments from the stash.
These took me 3 hours to make, because I was determined to make a proper job of my first sewing of 2015.

They seem to fit, though I am not sure that quilting weight cotton is the best choice for underwear.
I have ordered some flowery flannel, to make some winter warmers - with any luck, that should chase the snow away!


wendy said...

Sorry to hear of all your woes, horrible when it all goes wrong at once! I just wanted to say that your blanket is a thing of beauty , stunning!

poppyinstitches said...

goodness, been a horrible time - do hope warm now. Loving the knickers, I used to have flannel knickers at school - not so pretty though - more grey and shapless!

K.Line said...

You know, I live in a house that's 125 yrs old and, seriously, sometimes I feel like the whole damn place is falling down. Last week the hot water heater and the furnace both broke within 6 hrs of each other. And I service them yearly!? January in Canada without heat and water are just about enough to make you call it quits and move to Tahiti. I so empathize and sympathize with your total breakdown :-)

jessica said...

What an onslaught! Glad things are returning to some semblance of normalcy :). Your Gracies look super fun ... flannel = brilliance! That Kex is looking awfully striking ...