Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Sockish FO and Work in Progress

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the completion of my Kex blanket!
It is still on the sofa beside me, ready for use, but is back in its sealed knitting bag, after a sudden flurry of moths in the vicinity... noooo!

It is just as well I made this bag to lug it around during the knitting process.  Made out of a cushion cover, it looks perfectly at home on the sofa, stuffed with the blanket!

My recent train journey to Edinburgh provided a boost to my latest sock project, using Arne and Carlos yarn from Regia (colour 3657).
I finished the second sock on the way home - woo hoo!
There is not a lot to say about this project:  simple "Vanilla with Sprinkles" socks using the Retro Lemon Studio pattern (free on Ravelry), with a 60 stitch cast-on.

I took care to match the stripes, but was intrigued to find that one sock has a row of red-on-white skaters where the other has red-on-white skiers!
Or is it just my eyesight?

I have a fair chunk of yarn leftover, so hope to squeeze out another pair, with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs.
To prove that it can be done, I have started a pair using my other leftover Regia Colorations yarn and some ancient Curious Yarn in the colour Neptune.

Before I cast these on, there was a moment when the only thing I had left on the needles was my Monte Rosa Cardigan.
Who remembers that one?!
I don't really know why I stopped working on it.  I was nearing the end of the first skein, had divided for the armholes and then... stopped.
I have no idea where I put the pattern with my working notes on it.

So you won't be surprised to hear that I am not working on Monte Rosa right now.
Nor have I cast on my lovely new green Gotland wool from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Instead... I am up to my ears in another test knit for Josh :)

It is a Big Secret, so all I can show you is the wool I am using:  Marchmont fingering weight merino from Natalie at the Yarn Yard (website down).

The colours are Beetroot, Legbar and Waverley.
It is looking amazing!
But that's all I can tell you - sorry! ;)


pennylibrarian said...

Not your eyes definitely speed skaters on one sock and down-hill skiers on the other. I adore the colours too. Are they inspired by a nordic spring? A last chance on slopes before the meltwater returns?

Linda C said...

I've seen a few moths recently too, I am suddenly sending my good woolies off to the dry cleaners a few each week with the husband, I hope to have then dry cleaned and then store them in my mother's cedar chest , maybe with some cedar chips sewn in an old pair of panty hose How do you handle this?

I love the colors of the new project. Too yummy.

Last night we went to a concert about the Holocaust for which a friend's son had written some of the music. It was a little chilly in the auditorium so I saw a lot of shawls going up on the shoulders as time went by. Mine are often disguised as a scarf but soon get put to the proper use. My sister was pooh- poohing the use of shawls- well, she lives in a very small town; here in the big city we are both fashionable and comfortable; and you all in Scotland don't even think about it, you just do it and are fashionable and elegant and warm.


Love that big warm blanket. It would be a shame to let the moths get in before you get to enjoy it.