Sunday, March 08, 2015


If you want to analyse your wardrobe, take a look at your washing line.
Because whatever is out there is what you actually wear.

So this week, I can tell you I wore:

2 Camber dresses, over a Me & Em vest
My Seasalt denim dress, over a Brora long-sleeved tee (both ebay)
A Howies shirt (sale bargain)
2 Seasalt long-sleeved tees (one ancient)
Howies jeans (ancient)
Me-made knickers (5 pairs in advanced state of disrepair)
My Peggy Skirt and a Boden cardigan (neither washed this week)

So all this crap I talk about sewing my own wardrobe is largely bluster.
"Shopping?  Oh no, not me - I don't buy clothes!" I trill to anyone who will listen.  Ugh.

No, I don't buy clothes very often... but neither do I seem to wear the bulk of what I sew.
Which is why I have stopped sewing.
Because I fail to see the point of filling the wardrobe with cotton tops and dresses that I seldom wear.
Sewing is fun... but only if I enjoy and use the things I make!

At the same time I am truly bored of wearing the same few things week after week.
So it is probably only a matter of time before I crack and sew myself a pair of culottes, a couple of long swoopy skirts and a pile of new knickers.

See?!  There is life in the old dog yet!

And in FL's favourite sweater!

So today I am knitting away on the border of my Kex blanket.
And drinking Hot Cross Bun tea.
Later on I am going to do some spinning on my Turkish spindle - yay!

I will continue reading Women in Clothes, which might help me get over myself.

I have certainly been feeling quite inspired reading the Craft Sessions blog and this post over on the Fringe Association blog, though you won't catch me in a sleeveless top for at least another 4 months, even with a cardigan.  Brrr!

Let me end on an undeniably happy note:  my first Arne and Carlos sock is finished - woo hoo!
Love it!


Jen Forsythe said...

That's sort of what I came to realise this year about my handknits... really I don't get that much wear out of them, they're usually too heavy to wear under a coat in winter and too warm to wear in summer. Think with sewing it depends on fabric choice, that is, the weight of them. Living in the UK, most of the year we need our clothes to keep us warm. I love seeing your makes, hope you get your sewing mojo back! I'm sure you will.

TheHappyHermit said...

Love a review of Women in clothes when you finish, not sure wether to buy or not!

Birgitte said...

Oh, such a real thing - not wearing your handmades! My sewing output has seriously dwindeled since having a similar realization. My thing has been sewing mainly from my stash, which means a lot of "making it work". That has produced some clothes that just don't get worn and loved, since they're often a wrong fabric or not ideal color, et cetera. So now I try to only sew what I would actually want to buy in a store. And I totally buy most of my clothes even though I'm capable of sewing them myself. Nothing wrong with that I say!

ravelledsleeve said...

My clothes-sewing output to date has mainly been cotton skirts, which get a lot of wear in summer but haven't been out of the wardrobe in months. I did buy fabric for a winter skirt in John Lewis last autumn, but then failed to actually make the skirt...

jessica said...

I now understand the rage over these colorways of sock yarns --- fair isle esque indeed, and gorgeous to boot!! I hope you have a couple skeins for your knitting pleasure :-).

I definitely hear you on the "getting tired of wearing the same things over and over, yet not feeling like sewing." That's me too! I find myself with less patience to wear my skirts and blouses, they all feel too fussy somehow, not easy to throw on and feel "put together." However, I am pretty sure that 1-2 pairs of pants (that I like!) would change that, I've just been too lazy to make/buy/thrift those.

But looking at your photos (which I love), it seems that you favor solids, stripes and checks? Yet you often sew with florals or organic prints? Perhaps examining the tees and dresses that you do wear will provide a hint as to what "cake" you might sew. These come to mind: another Camber dress (in a luscious fabric/color of your liking), perhaps some solid or striped Renfrews? Or maybe a solid skirt whose silhouette is similar to Peggy, perhaps in denim or another neutral? (That might bring some blouses into rotation because they'll be easy to pair - pending matching cardigans of course!)

Personally I love mashing up stripes/checks/solids with florals/organic prints, but that does mean I need enough stripes/checks/solids to make that work :-). And incidentally, my stripes/checks/solids are usually neutrals/neutral + neutral, which means the florals and prints are ALL PARTY but I know they'll still match.

And that all being said, I am getting more and more OK with "me-boughts" being a sizeable fraction of my wardrobe. Still try to thrift them, but sometimes, heck, if it means I'll actually wear the stuff, then why not?

Scruffybadger said...

Oh that sock. Divine!

dottiedoodle said...

How interesting, I think of you as always wearing me-mades! I think I have similar issues.. Thank you for the intro to the Craft Sessions blog, love it.

Twelfthknit said...

I am just about to make my second pair of knickers. The first ones were huge. Sadly they fitted very well ;0)

Just plain cotton jersey. Have ordered some lace and am going to make even these basic huge knickers pretty. I also have a pair which have the front and back panels cut from woen fabric on the bias, the side panels being stretch (lace or other jersey fabric).

I am sure you will get the mojo back, but I do know what you mean about using what is made. Therefore I wear my battleshio knickers. But not out of the case. You know, in case of accident ;0)

Kestrel said...

That sock is gorgeous. Thanks for the link to The Craft Sessions, what a lovely blog.

Wearing your handmades - hmmm, that's something I have been getting better at, as with getting better at determining what patterns are useful for me. I find that I mostly want to make simple things which are not always very exciting to blog about, I think, although it's VERY exciting to make a garment which is a beloved item you wear frequently. At the same time, I am personally more drawn to read about people who sew simple and useful everyday clothing. So obviously someone wants to read about it, if I do!

Linda C said...

I find in the winter I wear a lot of black because black is becoming to me, it is easy to match up, it makes me look smaller on top, and I have a lot of black shirts. I wear more colors in the spring, summer and fall. Last when it was so cold I got a few pair of heavy wool pants, have enjoyed them this year, but their time is limited. I have two really heavy sweaters and want more when it is so cold; but remind myself, I can always put on another layer, Yesterday ir was so warm, I regretted not having anything out more spring like, Finally I found a very droopy top I could wear over a pair of tight pants.

Roo, I finished reading BEAUTIFUL WRECK - are you going to try the shawl pattern at the end?

When you see the clothes on the washing line, I see black tops (sleeveless vests, short sleeves and long sleeves), one or two navy, maybe a bright blue and a magenta, a few pair of jeans- 2 dark blue, i bright blue and one reddish something with blue dots. We have such crazy weather - it can be in the 20 at night, early morning ca covered with ice, 10:00 am, ice gone and , like today, warm da y but no sun all day.Warm=- meaning jeans, long sleeved cotton shirt, and cotton sweater, plus scarf, very comfortable.
It get so complicated - on the one hand, not going crazy buying clothes; on the other hand, not wearing all black all the time? LindaC

madeinoxford said...

Wardrobe choices are tough, because they so much depend our mood. There are days/weeks when I just want 'uniform'. I wear the same types of outfits, I don't worry about matching anything to anything else, and I just wear whatever comes to hand.

Then there are weeks when I really think about the combination of my clothes, and how they'll go with my shawls and earrings and necklace and shoes. For me, it's an energy/mood thing, although sometimes I feel the need to do the latter precisely because I feel rotten and need a pick me up.

Maybe this is just the right time for ready-mades for you, and the time for you handmades will come around again.

On the other hand, it's always going to be the right time for that sock ;) That's so cool!

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks for all your comments!
Jessica is right - I sew with florals but would never buy them in a shop. I need to think about that!
Linda C- yes! I definitely plan to knit the shawl from Beautiful Wreck :)