Sunday, March 15, 2015

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

Yesterday I took the train south, where I met my mother and Christine for an outing to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.
Did I meet you there?  Hello again if I did!
I failed to take many photographs because I always feel the need to get permission from the people in them. That's pretty hard in a crowd!

But here is the lovely Cath, winding my new yarn in aid of the Teapot Trust.

I was far too shy to walk up to Stephen West and show him the shawl I test-knitted for Josh Ryks (because they do know each other - not just because I am a total sycophant!)
I smirked at Rachel Coopey, but didn't have the nerve to flash my socks!
I didn't spot Ysolda, but I know she was there.

However, I did go up to a total stranger and admire her scarf:  "Hello!  Is that a Ketch?"
Um, no, it's a Clincher.
"Oh, I knew it began with a K!"
Only when I got home and checked Ravelry for the pattern, did the full extent of my failure strike home!  LOL
So, despite my social awkwardness, it was a good day.

I set myself a budget, and stuck to it.  The whole day was not to cost more than I had saved by not buying shop coffee so far this year.  Bargain!
So what did I purchase?

Well, I was sorely tempted by Socks That Rock and Cyborg's Craftroom yarn for sale at La Maison Tricotee.  But my mother's horror at the price of American hand-dyes brought me down to earth.
So I stuck to my shopping list, and looked for something sheepy for a cardigan and something natural for a shawl.  I tried to buy some spinning fibre but nothing was quite right.  I was surprised how little fibre was for sale.

This is Gotlandsk Pelsuld by Filcolana, which I bought from Midwinter Yarns.
Gotlandsk Pelsuld
Oh my days, the colours of this yarn are heart-stoppingly lovely!
I could have filled a wheelbarrow with this stuff!
The red, the pink, the grey/blue. the mustard, the purple...?
In the end it was this rich grassy green that called the loudest.
It is definitely not next-to-skin soft, but I know it will bloom beautifully when washed.
I knit my Seraphine out of Gotland wool and I love it - it lives on the sofa for everyday use.
I plan to knit an Erte cardigan with this.
Erte Cardigan
And for a Fossil and Bone shawl. I chose some North Ronaldsay aran weight (picture higher up).
I wish I knew which stall I bought this from.
They were also selling Madeleine Tosh... but fortunately I didn't see that before I had spent my budget!
Fossil and Bone shawl
I had been worried about leaving FL home alone on a dexy-downer day, but he was kept entertained by the farmer and the gamekeeper coming round to remove my son's woodworm-ridden wardrobe, for incineration in the field.

I didn't tell you the story of how FL and I tried to get it downstairs on our own...?
Let's just say there is now a hole in the wall of the stairwell, and it involved me holding on to FL's legs as he tried to squeeze past the stuck wardrobe after its rapid downward descent...!
Never a dull moment ;)


Redhedhels said...

I thought that top picture was a roulette ingersoll and I couldn't write work out how it fitted in. Then I actually read your post (there's a lesson for me in there somewhere!)

Fiona said...

Hello! I was there too, but although I looked out for Christine, I did not see you there. There were so many people in a relatively small space, all being lovely to one another. We even enjoyed our wait at the train station before we went home, chatting to other EYF visitors. I've never seen so many strangers stroking clothes being worn by people they have only just met.



Isabella said...

Oh so it was you that bought almost all the green Gotlandsk Pelsuld , lol? You only left me one measly skein!

(I will get more from the website, never fear. But isn't it a FABULOUS colour?)

poppyinstitches said...

I love the green yarn, perfect bright green!

brighid1 said...

Hello, and sorry again for accosting you in the coffee queue! But I was very excited to recognise your gorgeous Josh Ryks shawl. And of course what I didn't say, in that awkward stranger way, was how much I enjoy reading your blog - thankyou :)

I also made a dent in Mei's North Ronaldsay yarn - am developing quite an obsession with it - & Midwinter Yarns stall was one of my favourites - such beautiful wool. Enjoy your EYF knitting -especially love the Fossil & Bone shawl

madeinoxford said...

Sounds like you, FL and the wardrobe had quite the adventure. One day, when we can sit down for tea together, I will tell you about me, DH and the Fridge-Freezer... For now, I'll just say that you have all my sympathy despite my giggling ;)

EYF looks like it was a wonderful time, and oh, I am so reassured that it's not just me who manages to get completely confused at these things. I'm sure she forgave you for the name confusion. I received some lovely things from the Festival today, and looking at your haul, maybe it was a good thing I wasn't there. I don't know that I would have had your restraint!

Looking forward to all the lovely projects from them!

Roobeedoo said...

Brighid - thank you for saying hello :) And for helping me identify the shop where I bought my North Ronaldsay yarn.

Laura - I look forward to that cup of tea one day!