Sunday, March 01, 2015

February in Review

Historically, February is the month when I lose courage in my own convictions, find myself close to tears for no good reason, and am likely to spend at least one day fast asleep.  This February was pretty stressful, but I managed to stay well and did not do anything really* stupid - result!
New yarn from FO and Dye on Etsy
I kept to my pledge not to buy shop coffee (that's two whole months!  £100 saved!)
But... I bought 4 second-hand books, 4 skeins of yarn, a project bag and 4 fat quarters of fabric.
I decided not to renew my subscription to Knit Now magazine, and am considering replacing it with Inside Crochet which excites me far more, even though I have not done any crochet recently.

Finished Neon Monkey socks
I did some tentative sewing, which made me feel like sewing is something I might do again.

Finished Puerperium baby cardi
Knitting occupied my hands and my thoughts for a large part of the month, and I finished 2 shawls, a baby cardigan and a pair of socks.  One of those shawls was a test knit - yay!

New project:  Argent Curl
I read less this month than in January.  A History of Rain and The Interestings are the only library books I spent significant time with and neither is finished.  No audiobook this month, which was a definite gap in my life.  However, just yesterday I started reading Women in Clothes and I am hooked.  It is the outcome of a survey of hundreds of women from many nationalities and backgrounds about their relationship with clothes.  It is absolutely fascinating,  I am only 50 pages into the 514 pages, but it possible that I will spend today reading this and doing nothing else... well, except knitting.  A day can't go by without my knitting.

New project:  Regia Arne and Carlos socks
Myeloma news
In Myeloma news, FL is still doing well on Pomalidomide.  If I hold my breath much longer I will faint.  I really need to try to relax about his health.  He is coming to the conclusion that he might not be safe on the roads any more... but without the car he is stranded on the farm.
Which leads to the thought that I may not be able to continue to work full time, or we might have to move, or both.  And none of this can be resolved easily or quickly.

*So I cut my hair, dyed my fringe lilac and went "lalala" like any sensible person would.

 Typical February behaviour ;)

PS I kept one side as a bob... so as long as I stay on the right side of the boss... ie his left side, all will be well!  Heheheh.


Liz said...

I love your hair and huge thanks for the Women in Clothes recommendation, that is going to the very top of my (very long) wish list.

Are taxis a viable alternative to running a car? I'm guessing you're quite a way out of a town but maybe if a taxi firm knew you would be regular customers and you built up a relationship with them it might be a possibility for a while, and it would be cheaper than moving, surely. Is there no council Dial a Ride service in your area?

Unknown said...

Your hair is cute (from the bit I can see). I have been wearing an asymmetrical haircut for a couple of years and everyone likes it - they will like yours too.

Donna Hensley said...

You look beautiful!! Courage! :)

Jenni said...

Love the Hair! and the colours in your knitting, it is something I should really try to get to grips with! Here's to March :o)

Star speckles said...

I love your hair - very funky! I'm sorry to hear about FL - not being able to drive is a loss of independence for both of you. I hope you find a solution.


ambermog said...

Wow I love the hair it's stunning :) book recommendations gone on my to read list. Strength and courage sent for you both for whatever solution is best. Hugs. As always xxx

K.Line said...

When life goes crazy, take control of your hair! Love that cut. Very chic and edgy.

christinelaennec said...

Fantastic haircut! Very you. And you should ask about the Dial-a-Bus option, that's a good idea.

liza jane said...

There is nothing better than a haircut when you're feeling restless! Love the asymmetrical cut. As a side note, I just watched an awesome documentary about blood cancer treatment the other night. Not sure if you can get it where you are, but look up Vice on HBO. The documentary was called Killing Cancer, I believe. Anyway, while I'm not jumping out of my seat in excitement, it was fascinating to see where treatment is headed- using viruses. It's worth a watch! Glad all is well with you and also glad that February is over. It's not my favorite time of year either.

LLBB said...

Fun haircut!
Keep breathing. :)

Siobhan said...

That haircut is perfect! In fact I'm thinking of getting a similar cut in a couple of weeks, purely to defy my body in this stage of debilitating chronic illness. The power of a short haircut in times of crisis never fail to amaze me.

violicious said...

I am so close to shaving one half of my hair too! I love it. You look great and nice socks!

Kestrel said...

Love the haircut, you look great with short hair. I want to see the other side too though!

Jennifer Hill said...

Hello again, like your other commenters I do like you new 'do' too. I hope you do return to sewing as, from a purely selfish viewpoint, it's how I came to find your blog, I love your makes and you seem so good at it! However, I enjoy all your posts and am also a knitter myself. Regarding mobility, it must be a real bummer. I wonder if there is a volunteer driver scheme in your area? If not, could you advertise for someone? Just a thought, probably impractical. All the best, Jen

madeinoxford said...

Your haircut doesn't not count as "something stupid"! It looks awesome, and most importantly, if you're happy, then it's even better :)

You've had a very productive February in all kinds of ways. I'm kind of in love with Curls, although as I'm on an absolute No Shopping Ban, that's going to be a birthday list thing, I think.

I always have mixed feelings about magazine subscriptions, but then I have a very good WHSmiths where I can browse titles every month before deciding whether or not to buy. For Christmas, I got a Making Magazine subscription, as I like the look and feel and the variety of projects, and I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did with single-craft titles. But if Inside Crochet is floating your boat at the moment, go for it - they really have had some lovely stuff lately :)

Textile Art Forum said...

I so identify with that Feb feeling. My creativity shows down and speeds up again when the spring bulbs pop up. Not long now...

jessica said...

February is a hard, hard month. Kudos to you for getting through it :-), and in style to boot! Sending a hug across the oceans to you and FL.

Ms Goodenough said...

Brilliant, love it. LaLaLA is the way forward.

Amphibiaknitter said...

February is a sucky month. Do what makes you happy.

I love the hair and the lilac fringe. It's only hair - it will grow back. And talk about low maintenance!

(How do the corporate types like it? Were there any visibly raised eyebrows at work?).

Love the knitting and the socks in particular.

Hugs and take care. Hopefully you'll find a solution to your transit woes.