Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March in Review

Another month flies past…  with extra daylight hours at last!
My latest socks
Knitting was the highlight of my month:  I finished my Kex blanket and my Arne and Carlos socks, and am well on my way with another pair of plain vanillas (above), this time using up leftovers.
I have decided to work the feet in a semi-solid hand-dye, finishing them off with Regia toes, as this was the only way the yarn would stretch to a mostly-matching pair.
I have also been working solidly on another test-knit for Josh Ryks.  This one is a 3-colour shawl that is going to be released as a Mystery Knitalong – ooh!  Shiny!
I don’t get paid for test-knitting, in case you were wondering. 
I do it for fun and the excitement of supporting an up-and-coming young designer.
For obvious reasons, I can’t show you any pictures of this one.

Have a 1980's dance instead:

Sewing Clothes
Buying Clothes
Buying yarn / fabric / patterns
I saved my not-spent-on-coffee money for my trip to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and bought the wool for a cardigan and a shawl.  Since then I have bought needles to start the cardigan but was distracted by my test-knit.
Unlikely treasure :)
In pattern acquisition news, my regular ebay search for a long-lost pattern book came up trumps.
I sent my original copy to landfill at least 12 years ago.
It was falling apart and I didn’t think I would miss it.
Ever since taking up knitting again in 2005, I have hankered after a sweater I knitted during my Finals in 1985.
Sweater of dreams - the angle is not doing it justice!
I even tried to recreate the pattern from memory, but failed. 
This is 3 Suisses 111, Junior Designs, aimed at teenagers in the 1980s.
The nostalgia!
I can really see myself knitting and wearing these simple boxy garments for everyday wear around the farm.  I might reduce the sleeve width… but then again I might not.
I remember how comfortable these jumpers were.  I had several of them:  a colour block cardigan (below), my favourite jumper with the Irish Rib panel (above), a mohair sweater-dress in green and black (the red and black one above), and two sleeveless popover vests in the lightest fluffiest, warmest acrylic mix yarn you will ever find ;)
I am still reading Women in Clothes.  I have written my response to it, which I will post soon.
Every time I pick this book up it gives me something new to think about.

Myeloma Update
Another prescription of Pomalidomide! 
FL has now been taking the wonder-drug for a year.
His latest Freelite score was 112.4.  The month before it was 112.  There is that niggling fear that he might be coming off the plateau, but the doctor was keen to say that 0.4 is not a significant increase.
How is he?  A little more stooped.  (No, not "stoopid"!)
Tired.  He gets a lot of leg cramps and coughing fits when he tries to lie down, so our nights are disturbed.
But really?  He's doing far better than I ever imagined, so far into what felt like the unimaginable future.
We are pretty happy!
I made this exact cardigan in 1987
Life Decisions
I have "an opportunity" to give up my current job.  I am considering it carefully.  It would allow me to pay off the mortgage and spend more time with FL.  I have been practicing frugality to see if we could live on a drastically reduced income... and concluded that of course we could, despite the electricity bill.
But I don't want to leave myself without a focus for my life beyond "looking after FL".
So for the time being I am just thinking.


Linda C said...

I did that a few years ago, Left my job to try to help our son out of depression. It turned out to be sleep apnea and very low Vit D, plus anti-depressants which made him more depressed - didn't need them. Then I, because of blood pressure drugs I was allergic to , sent me to the hospital twice that year, and my son ended up living with brother. Lot of storm and fury last few years. I thought I would go back to work= but it didn't happen. I am suddenly realizing, after struggling for three years, I can begin again. I can offer what I have to others - I can buy what we or I need, without feeling like I have to pay for it myself out of my money . I have value in myself and bring something to our relationship.

I don't say you have any of these issues - but this is what I found.


Sandy said...

You could teach others about knitting and sewing because you are an absolute wonder at it!! And there are still folks who want to discover this art, so think about that as an option... and glad to hear FL is maintaining...

poppyinstitches said...

those 80's knits are brilliant, takes me back to my teens! Great that Fl score still stable x

Lynn said...

I left my job as an engineer to care for my mother in her last three years. I never went back to work because I had enough savings not to. When I met and married my husband, he was a bit afraid that I would be bored or too focused on caring for our home and him. Not the case. Even when my mother was alive, I quickly found a new "normal" which did not involve grieving for my old life or spending all my time worrying about her. If you have the opportunity to spend more time with your husband, be completely honest with yourself about this -- if you feel it would leave you bereft of self don't do it, you might have the chance for giving both of you you a huge gift.

beate grigutsch said...

this 80s sweaters are fun!
about thinking - did i understand it right that you don´t like your job anyway? and do you really need a 9to5 to have a "focus" in your life? and whats bad if the focus is "only" FL? just asking....

lemon said...

I left my (of 27 years) job in a bank 4 months ago. I am 48.
The reason was not to care for somebody but I grabbed the given opportunity because I want, before dissapearing for ever, to find who I really am and what I really like (which were misformed by so many hours and years in work/transport/tiredness). And also to have as more time as possible with my partner of the last 10 years.
One can not advise another on such a delicate matter.
As for me: I still have not found daily balance, but I wonder how did I live without so much peace and free time. I walk a lot, have coffee out alone, knit more, read more.
My love to you and FL.

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you for your comments - I realise that I am the only one who can make this decision, but it's good to be reminded that I am not the first and that life goes on!