Friday, March 13, 2015

Mother's Day Crochet Treats

I put together a little gift bag of treats for Grandma for Mother's Day..
This is the medium-sized Market Bag from Inside Crochet Issue 59
The flower pattern came from the same issue of the magazine.
For some unknown reason, my stitch count was out when I reached the handle placement so I had to do some maths, but it turned out to be simple enough.
I also rustled up a crochet washcloth for Grandma to use in her new shower-room.
This is a pattern by Rachel Atkinson from Issue 62 of Inside Crochet.
Grandma probably won't know what this is meant to be - but hopefully the accompanying shower gel will give her a clue.
Crochet washcloths are definitely not common in Scottish bathrooms!
Both projects used leftover Rico Creative Cotton Aran from my Mystery Blanket.
It feels good to crochet again.

And it was a welcome respite from the apparently endless garter stitch border of my Kex blanket!

In other knitting news, I decided to rip out my Argent Curl.
It was looking far too tweedy and old-lady-ish.
And the speed of increases was producing something much longer and thinner than either of my previous Curls.
I love the yarn, so hope to re-purpose it soon :)


Andi G said...

There is nothing better than handmade gifts. What thoughtful gifts your created.
Sorry to hear that you ripped out your shawl, but sometimes it has to happen especially if your not feeling it. :)

poppyinstitches said...

lovely handmade gifts!

Linda C said...

What lovely gifts! I'd love it if my children would give me something that. A note on the crocheted washcloth. I have a friend who crochets them and calls them clothes to wash dishes. I usually put them aways and don't use them because I can see my family using them for not glasses or nice plates but very greasy pots. Now I can use them for baths for me. Thanks for the great idea. I'll suggest to Carolyn she say "either dishes or bath."