Saturday, April 11, 2015

FO: The Culottes of Awesome: McCall's 3657

Hoist the mainsail me hearties!
Alert the Navy - I did some sewing!
I see no ships
 I have come out of my sewing funk with a blast of genuine 1970's Funkadelia!
This pattern has been simmering in the stash for far too long.
I was planning to make full-length trousers.  But when you have legs as wide as these, not even 60 inch fabric allows a pair to be cut side by side.
At rest, you could almost believe this was a smart pleated skirt.
And that is an illusion I hope to cultivate in the workplace!
But the truth becomes apparent when I dance...
There's not much call for dancing In Committee Room 2 ;)

Pattern:  McCall's 3657 from 1973 in size 26 1/2 waist, 36 hip - perfect!  Why can't more patterns be the right size without any effort from me?
I made View A, shortened to the point at which you can "lengthen or shorten here".

Fabric: 2 metres of a herringbone weave cotton from Croft Mill at least 2 years ago.  It could be longer.  It would have taken 2.3 metres of this width of fabric to make them full length, or a whopping 3.8 metres of 90 cm wide material - wowzer!  That's over 4 yards folks!

Other:  A 9 inch invisible zip (in the side seam) and grosgrain ribbon to face the waist.  Thread.  I also used satin bias binding for the hems as this fabric frays quite easily and I really want these to last forever!


Am I allowed to gush?!
I absolutely love them :)
I have not had any work-appropriate trousers since my Eva dress 1940's wide-legged ones disintegrated and my Betsey Johnson-pattern ones faded beyond acceptability.
Cropped trousers have been in my peripheral vision since probably October, when I first saw them appearing in the Sunday supplements.  And of course now the 1970's are everywhere.
These are the real thing!
And they fit me perfectly without any fiddling around.  I will definitely try a narrower pair from the same pattern, full length next time.
I haven't written about the sewing process because it was absolutely straightforward and easy - boom!
The ribbon-faced waistband is so simple and neat, I don't know why it isn't used  more often.
I reckon I'm back in the sewing groove!
Woo hoo!


sewstyled said...

Love your outfit with the boots. It's great you've got back your sewing mojo.

ravelledsleeve said...

They are fabulous!

poppyinstitches said...

they're brilliant!

Jennifer Hill said...

Oh my, they're gawgeous. Thinks...if I had a pair like this I could wear them with my black velvet DMs that I've nothing to go with...loving the hornpipe pose! Jen

Sarah said...

Roo, these are utterly fantastic!! You look amazing!

Scruffybadger said...

The outfit of awesome!! These are possibly the best culottes I have seen. For a very long time! And you know I'm a huge culottes fan, long before the resurgence this year. Fantastic to see you've sewn with such joy and to such success creating something that is most definitely you

Kaja said...

These are gorgeous - exactly what I've been lusting after.

Minnado said...

Oooh, they look fabulous. How great o find a pattern that you just sew up straightforwardly. I'm already looking forward to your next pair x

Lynne said...

These are blooming brilliant! I'd have sworn it was a skirt in the first few photos. Yey to the 70s,and yey to sewing success!

verykerryberry said...

They are most excellent- I find a 1970s size 12 is a great size for not having to change anything.

Jen Forsythe said...

Ah fantastic that you've found your sewing joy again, those culottes are great, can be casual & also for work. I know we are coming into spring/summer, but they would be great with knee length boots with a bit of a heel too. I'm sure you're pleased they fit so well too.

beate grigutsch said...

absolutely fabulous!!!!
love that they´r cropped! sooo chic!

colleen said...

I'm actually rather amivalent about most culottes but these look fabulous on you. The grace of a skirt, the utility of trousers, perfect for the bike!

Miss said...

They are truly fab!

Have you come across this book/blog?

Probably Jane said...

They are an absolute joy!

I'm sure the ones I had in the seventies had three belts so high they came up under my armpits...