Sunday, April 19, 2015

FO: Oki Style Solo Top in Jersey

Ah - she's up on her podium, she must be happy!
Hello again!  Another weekend, another sewing project :)
In the midst of my wardrobe re-evaluation, I said farewell to a number of disintegrating t-shirts.
And no, they weren't cheap and nasty poundshop jobs, they were me-made Renfrews.
Just because I sewed them doesn't mean they were guaranteed to last forever.
I was particularly grumpy about the organic cotton Renfrew that had shrank and faded... but I suppose it was two years old, so maybe that is the life of a t-shirt.  Sigh.
Moving on...

This is the Oki-Style Solo Top, with added Renfrew sleeves... extra long sleeves, because I like to wear them scrunched up at the wrist.
I also added a stepped hem for extra edge :)
The pattern is intended for woven fabric, so I didn't add seam allowances, except at the centre front.
I figured this would allow the stretchy fabric to do its thing.
And it did.

I am slightly besotted with the back-neck V.
Ah, who remembers the 1980's and those lovely inside-out, back-to-front sweatshirts?
This definitely has that drama student vibe.
But you won't catch me with a leotard underneath this time around!

I left the edges to roll, rather than trying to hem the jersey or face that v-neck.
It was the facing that messed up my unwearable muslin of this design.
I stitched the whole thing on my Bernina 1008, using the "vari-overlock" stitch.  I used the same stitch to finish the hems and neck edge.
I see I have a pointy bit at the centre front hem.  An unexpected element that I rather like!

This pattern's USP is the unusual inside-out dart feature.  These add shaping but possibly draw more attention to one's boobage than I would like.

Pattern:  Oki-Style Solo Top in size small, with added sleeves from the Renfrew (with the shoulder caps removed).
Fabric:  1.3 metres of Robert Kaufman Laguna jersey, from The Eternal Maker (link to a lighter colour of the same fabric)
Other:  Just thread.  Lots of thread!

Pretty damned fine, though I say so myself!
It turned out exactly as I had hoped.
The neckline is flattering.
The hi-lo stepped hem is long enough to tuck into my jeans, but looks good worn loose.
I can pull the sleeves down over my fingers on a chilly day, or scrooch them up to my elbows if I get hot.
It is kinda cool and hip, without being too obvious.

An added bonus is that it looks great with my test-knit of the Ad Hoc Mystery Shawl by Josh Ryks.
The first clue has just been released - so this is all I can show you!
You want to knit it now, don't you?


Sarah said...

Roo, this is fantastic!! I will look terrific with your new culottes, too, I bet! Well done!

K.Line said...

Looks great!

fabric epiphanies said...

That is a great looking top. I love the hem detail and the visible darts.

Minnado said...

I love is simple and complex at the same time. Looks fab on you too x

poppyinstitches said...

love it, looks brilliant!

Scruffybadger said...

The sew Jo has returned! Nice details and it has a very designer look about it. The dart doesn't look like a dart - but a detail that was intriguing from a distance! Looks very casual-cool!

Stitched Together said...

Fantastic top! It really suits you. By the way, I love your shoes too!

Jennifer Hill said...

Very funky! I love the inside out darts and the meant-to-be overlong sleeves. Jen

Robynn Weldon said...

I love everything about this, especially your own touches (stepped hem, long sleeves). Definitely reminding me that's it'll be worth getting over my fear of sewing one day.
Probably. said...

I think this is fabulous & I've been dying to see you sew up Oki patterns ever since you mentioned them on your blog. Great top... rather tempted myself!

Donna Hensley said...

This is amazing!! *You* look amazing in it :)

jessica said...

Oooh!!!! This looks wonderful~ elegant, chic, comfortable, stylish with a bit of edge to it. Love the whole look :).

lilysgrannie said...

I've been following your blog and interesting posts on knitting and sewing for some time and thought you might be interested in checking out the above company (Alabama Chanin). Several of the blogs that I follow have been mentioning this company and making beautiful tops and skirts from their patterns. This company also sells custom made clothing that is beautiful but very pricey.

I admire your efforts to sew your own clothing these days when it's so easy to just buy or order on line.

liza jane said...

I'm glad to see one of these patterns made up. It's fab! I really like the inside out dart. I think not hemming was genius. I have made a top with that same Laguna knit and it curls even with a hem.