Sunday, May 17, 2015

FO: Marilla Walker's Maya Top in Seersucker

Sunday greetings!
I truly wasn't expecting to blog today, because I was waiting for buttons to arrive before I could finish this top.
Because I wasn't sure how big the buttons would be, I couldn't stitch the buttonholes.
And that meant I couldn't finish the armholes, or sew up the side seams or...
Hang on a minute, Roo!  You don't actually have to follow the instructions that closely!

And as you can see... in the end I didn't.
In fact, there are no buttonholes at all in my version of the Maya Top by Marilla Walker.
I stitched down the front buttonbands and added two very simple cream vintage buttons, at the very top and mid-way, just to make the point that there is a placket.
I don't think you can see it in these pictures, but I topstitched a giant X just above where my necklace hangs, as if it was a henley front.
Just because.

The other "style feature" I added was the shirt pocket just above the curved hemline, only on one side.
I was going to add a decorative button to this pocket, but I managed to rein myself in.
There was quite a lot of reining in!
At one stage I was planning to use giant blue Borrower-style buttons.
Then I was going to use a row of mismatched dark red buttons:  flowers and squares and round ones and ovals and... stop!
There is nothing wrong with that whole Boden-esque quirky crafty look, but it has started to feel a bit embarrassing to me, personally.
Maybe I am finally growing up?
Nah - unlikely!
If ever there was an example of me finally paying attention to sewing what I actually want to wear, this is it!
A simple, clean and fresh, almost neutral summer top that looks smart enough for the office under a cardigan or even bare-armed in warmer weather.
Absolutely no underarm bra-flash, but plenty of ventilation!
And perfect for showing off my Silly Old Suitcase beads!  (Ooh - they are 25% off this month!  See the Etsy shop for the coupon code.)

Hooray for Me Made May, wearable wardrobes, self analysis and slowing down!


Maya Top/ dress by Marilla Walker, in size 2.
It is a pdf pattern so you have to take some time to tape and trace, but it is really well drafted, so worth the effort.
The directions are excellent.  I now know how to do a French seam without ghastly fraying whiskers appearing from every orifice!
And the facings fit perfectly at the neck and armhole edges - something that has gone wrong for me in the past with other patterns.

1.3 metres of high quality pure cotton seersucker which I bought as a remnant from Dragonfly Fabrics several years ago.
I still have another sizeable piece of this left in the stash for another day.
I was worried it was going to look like a pyjama top, but the necklace saves it I think!

Two vintage Schwanda buttons from ebay a long long time ago.


I was prepared for this to be a "wearable muslin", but I am pretty sure it is going to be a wardrobe staple.
My next version is going to be dress-length in a lightweight dark denim, with shell buttons.
Or a plain-fronted dress in double gauze.
Or a high-low top in bird-print cotton.
All of these fabrics are in the stash, so there is nothing to stop me... other than finding the time to get on with it!


Melissa said...

It's lovely! I like your "personalizations".

I bought this pattern recently and have made 3 already! Highly addictive.

Looking forward to seeing your upcoming versions!

Marilla Walker said...

So excited to hear that yourself and Melissa above (hi Melissa) have got on with this pattern! Can't wait to see your upcoming denim number! :-)

christinelaennec said...

That is just perfect - so fresh, so practical, and very individual. How clever just to sew down the placket! I'm so glad you enjoyed making it, and will enjoy wearing it. Great fabric!

Scruffybadger said...

Lovely! You've found the first piece of your fresh sewn wardrobe jigsaw! Fabulous news and it looks great too. I'm chuckling at the restraint you exercised- I know exactly what you mean- just because we can, doesn't mean it's always the right thing to do - the things I've made with 'embellishments of character' that are perhaps a bit too out there for everyday! Even frills. I've a blouse I made with a frilled neck that was toned down too, but I only ever wear it with a cardigan as that has the right level of sobering effect on it.....better not to have gone there in the first place perhaps!! So yes, that sums up as, the plainer option is usually classier and much more wearable imho! This is one classy and very useful top. Enjoy the next projects x

poppyinstitches said...

Love your Maya top and the pocket is perfect detail. Really great piece and perfect wardrobe stape.

Anna said...

it's lovely, I'm sure you'll wear it tons.

Before you do the dress version put on the shirt and then raise your arms and make a note of how high the bottom of the shirt rises. My dress version I will have to wear over leggings or remind myself all day not to raise my arms in it unless I want to show off my bottom!

I've got some fabric I'm considering using for a button up version of this, but there is also another pattern screaming at me to try it instead!

Jennifer Hill said...

I love it - very you! And with that pretty necklace and beautiful cardi the outfit is so lovely! Jen

Kestrel said...

This is lovely Roo, totally classic and ideal for customisation. I've seen a few others make this pattern and it's definitely working its way onto my list

jessica said...

Lovely! Love the understated classic chicness of this top :-). Here's to multiples of favorite patterns!!

sewstyled said...

Lovely top! Wish it was easier to find 100% cotton seersucker.

Sophie Reeve said...

Thank you for your inspiration! I have been stalking this pattern for a while and seeing your version has forced me to download right away! I love the summery feel of your top, the fabric looks lovely a cool. This is my next big decision - Fabric!

Looking forward to seeing your other versions.