Saturday, May 30, 2015

Me Made Maya Denim Dress by Marilla Walker

Me Made May 2015 has gone by in a flash, with barely a word from me on the subject.
Life happened.
So let's celebrate Me Made Maya instead!

Pattern:  Maya Dress / Top by Marilla Walker in size 2 with curved hems and 2 pockets at hip level

Fabric:  A 1.65m remnant of Randal lightweight denim from Sherwoods Fabrics (£15.67) Gorgeously soft high-quality stuff.  Love it.

Other:  6 vintage buttons found in a biscuit in the Gairoch Charities Shop, Inverurie, 10p for 6 :)

I made most of this dress last weekend, but had a button crisis (again!) when I realised that the shell buttons I planned to use were far too fragile for the weight of the fabric.

After a rummage in my button box, I found these sturdier vintage plastic (casein?) buttons and decided they were perfect... except there were only six of them.  Spacing them evenly down the placket meant they were 15cm apart, which is a helluva gap for a functional buttonhole to support!

So I stepped away from the project for a week while I pondered.

The solution was obvious.

Having already made a Maya Top, I knew this garment would pop over my head without any need to unfasten the buttons.

So I stitched along the placket edge, leaving a small flap at the bottom to give the illusion of a shirt-dress opening.


Stand back - I'm going to gush!

After a winter huddled up in the high-necked Camber dresses I made out of flannel, I was looking for a new uniform for spring / summer.

I love my Robe Alexia, but the style is almost too simple.  It works for me because of the print on the double gauze. But what I really wanted was a plain-coloured, dark denim dress.  A no-fuss, everyday, pop it on and don't think about it dress.

This is it!  I have found my new uniform!

I am confident that I can put this on in the dark, slip my feet into my DM's and get out of the door fast!

And the way things have been at work recently, I need the comfort of knowing I can leap out of bed, shower, breakfast, dress and still be in the office by 8am looking semi-respectable.  (OK, that's an exaggeration - my choice of footwear will still get the side-eye from the Boss!)

Will I make another Maya?

Absolutely definitely certainly!

Happy Me Made Maya everyone!


sewalign said...

This lovely denim dress is a great wardrobe staple and so versatile. This is such a simple and easy dress to throw on and look good. Denim really works with this pattern.

sewstyled said...

Lovely dress!

PaisleyPirouette said...

This is a lovely uniform! I like the story with the buttons and I think you have resolved the matter cleverly. The shape suits you well! Have a nice weekend! SaSa

Roobeedoo said...

OMG shocking typo! Buttons found in a biscuit tin not in a biscuit Lol 😁

Louise Perry said...

This is lovely, great idea to stitch down the placket.

Melissa said...

This is a great staple! It's good to know that I don't have to make those buttonholes. My buttonhole function on my sewing machine is very temperamental so knowing this will get me to stitch the button up version. Looking forward to your next Maya!

Scruffybadger said...

This looks so 'Roo'! What a great pattern for you. I know you live 'up up there' but I'd struggle making a summer dress out of denim, even if it was lightweight. But then, where is the summer down here. Good thinking !! So versatile too....

Jennifer Hill said...

I was wondering about the biscuit til you explained, hehe. This is so lovely, so simple and stylish. I'd rather overlooked the Maya top/dress, but no longer...! Jen

jessica said...

I am loving this new style direction of yours. That looks like a lovely uniform! Here's hoping this week is better for both you and FL (I hear shingles are miserable?) And Tuesdays with Morrie - what a book. Glad you enjoyed it :-).

liza jane said...

Oh, I love this! There is nothing better than a denim dress. Love the easy shape of this.

Ms Goodenough said...

It looks fab on you :-)