Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sewing with The Girl

This week, my daughter came back to Scotland for a holiday.
We had planned in advance that she would so some sewing while she was here, and I tested a couple of vest top patterns on her behalf.
She tried on my Bantam Top and my Cali Faye BASICS.tank... backwards.
And she decided that she preferred the front of the Cali Faye as a scoop-necked flared back, matched with the front of the Bantam Top.
So we drafted a mash-up pattern, blending the two together at the shoulders and underarms.
Because we are fearless... 

The fabric is a lovely Merchant and Mills linen in scuttle black, bought from Ray Stitch.
I wanted her to make a garment to be proud of, so supervised her first ever French seams and DIY bias binding.
Thanks to a helpful reader of this blog, we were directed to a tutorial on how to fit bias binding to curved seams perfectly - hooray!

It took longer than she had expected, but the result is definitely worth it.
The scrumpley linen suits her style and will be lovely and cool in the much-warmer south.

She also hoped to make a tee shirt.
I didn't have a pattern to suit.  She wanted it to be just like her favourite Forever 21 tee, but a little bit longer.
So we traced the old top, and created our own pattern from it.
The fabric for this one is from The Village Haberdashery.
I don't have a serger, so she learned how to change the stitch on my Bernina to the "vari-overlock" to put this one together.
A knit lesson!

Two successful sewing projects - phew!
I am sending her home with my copy of "Sew U Home Stretch" and the promise of a sewing machine.  Her granny has suggested she could have her old machine, which has lain in a cupboard unused for years... we just need to work out how to get it to London.


poppyinstitches said...

brilliant makes and must have been fun sewing and chatting x

Lynn said...

Both of them are beautiful! Thank you for the link to the tutorial - I'm planning the next version of a sleeveless top to have bias binding instead of armhole facings, and I was going to wing it until I read this post!

liza jane said...

What a fun thing to do together!

Nursebennett said...

Wow! Excellent first time garments for sure. I especially love the linene, one of my favorite fabrics. How special you are teaching her to sew. The garments she made will be special, but the memories will be everlasting.

Tanit-Isis said...

Oh, so fun! My daughter likes to talk about things she'd like to make but very little making ever actually gets done somehow...

verykerryberry said...

What a classic tank. Gorgeous!

Jennifer Hill said...

Both makes are so gorgeous! Love the charcoal linen and grey stripes. And she's sewn KNITS!! Yikes! Well done! Jen PS belated Happy Birthdays!

christinelaennec said...

I am very impressed indeed. When I think back to my first efforts at sewing - ! Obviously I didn't have as good a teacher. So glad you were both able to sew together.

JustSewJenna said...

Wow, brilliant makes! I love sewing with my Mum and can't wait until my little can sew with me (properly!!)

Kestrel said...

How lovely to sew together, and to be able to make things that you know will be worn. I hope her new hobby 'takes' and you can have lots more sewing and sewing chat together