Friday, July 03, 2015

Lightning Strike

Hi there!

Just a fly past post to let you know that my Broadband Hub was struck by lightning the other night (loud bang, flames out of the socket - eek!) and as a result I will not be able to blog until I get it fixed.

I have just taught my phone how to connect to work's wifi so I can show you my new shoes and socks-in-progress on Instagram - exciting!  I am theroobeedoo if want to follow me there.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a whole heap of sewing and knitting!



Jennifer Hill said...

Ahhrr, no! Sounds very alarming and what a pain...hope you get it fixed soon! Jen

Lynne said...

Oh no! My internet was down once too because of a lightning strike - but there weren't any flames though! Hope it's fixed very soon.