Monday, August 03, 2015

Knit and Rip, with two FOs

A quick update on my knitting.
If you follow me on Instagram (theroobeedoo) you will already have seen these pictures.

I finished the Coop Knits Mystery Knitalong Sock, Curiosa.

It is a beautiful pattern with undulating twisted stitches.  Rather Art Nouveau, I think.
I used Regia sock yarn and I was not blown away on this occasion - one of the two balls was kinda fuzzy and felted and that sock is rough to the touch.  I suppose I could complain to Regia but it was very cheap (£1.59 a ball?) so perhaps it was a dud batch.

I started two other socks and they both had to be frogged.

My first Hermione's Everyday Sock in Knitting Goddess Yarn turned out to be ginormous, for no reason I can identify.


And then there was a Cable and Rib sock using my last precious Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop handspun...

The yarn was very seriously over-spun, and kept spiralling back on itself.  This was annoying enough, but the resultant fabric was as stiff as a cheese grater and no good for socks.  At all.

I have no socks on the needles now. 
Can you believe it?  Me neither!
Must fix that tonight.

In happier knitting news, I finished my Tailspin Shawl by Josh Ryks, Sword of a Knitter / GeoKnittrix

I used Knitting Goddess mini skeins in an amazing Blackened Rainbow colourway, on a background of Same Difference sock yarn in "Bigger on the Inside".
Not quite big enough, I ran out of yarn and had to omit the final section of the pattern.  This was my own fault.  I was being stubborn. 
Imagine a final section of black / navy after that purple kite stripe?
That would have been the icing on the cake.  But I am a cheapskate and stopped when my yarn ran out.  It is still a generously-sized shawl and I love the colours.

I had another shawl on the needles - another Curl, the Fulvous.

Note the past tense.
Almost every single stitch in that laceweight silk (Dye for Yarn)was worked through the back loop.


So I have no shawl on the needles either.
Get a grip Roo - cast something on, why don't you?

Oh...ok then :)


poppyinstitches said...

Wonderful shawl, the colours are fabulous and perfeced to keep out the chill of autumn. Do so love your honesty about projects even when they are aborted rx

Coco said...

I'm laughing...I frog so many of my knitting projects. But I love the shawl you finished. When I saw the pic I thought perhaps it was by Stephen West. I'll have to go look on ravelry for this new (to me) designer. Socks - I just don't enjoy DPN knitting, so last night I watched videos on using 2 circular needles instead. I think I'll give socks a go! Always enjoy yours and those by Carolyn at Handmade by Carolyn. I'm a sock person - drawerful, mostly knee high, maybe 50 pairs!!!

jessica said...

LOL, I know what this is like - sometimes it's so hard to find the right project! Finnicky, these knitterly items :-).

Love those trousers!! I'm glad you're pleased (enough) with them - they look like a great wardrobe addition, for home or work. They seem very fitting with your new, evolving style, and would look great in that nice wool you've got.

PS: I hope Coco tries out the socks on 2 circulars - I, too, hate DPNs and only knit tubes if I've got 2 circulars!!

Corina Gidei said...
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Roobeedoo said...

The shawl is called Fulvous by Hunter Hammersen