Friday, September 04, 2015

Little House in the Big Woods

We have been here before.

I had hoped to get to the top of the hill by the end of the week, but had not reckoned on how old the dog has become.  We got about a third of the way up the track when he started tripping and slipping and I realised he wasn't going to manage much further.  

So we have contented ourselves with walks along the lower paths.
Just me and the dog.

It has been a very quiet holiday indeed.

FL has been doing all the driving, which is rather nerve-wracking.

So mostly we have stayed in the cottage, enjoying the bright spacious rooms and cosy rugs.
Not to mention the broadband connection (we are still cut off at home).

FL has been working on his book.
And for me it has been time to think and dream and plan.

I started a crochet project:  simple wristwarmers from "Learn to Crochet Love to Crochet", using Cyborg's Craftroom Assparkilate Sock in the colourway "Unicorn Rainbow Glitter Fight Club".
Try explaining that name to your 80 year old husband!

Sadly, I brought the wrong size of hook and they are far too small.  I thought about adding a panel down the side, but I might just cut my losses and rip them out and start again with a different pattern.

Although it is a beautiful book, with great "how to" illustrations, this pattern (the easiest in the book) has errors in it.  That makes me wary of attempting one of the more complicated garments, however tempting they seem.

Instead, I have concentrated on knitting my Epistrophy cardigan from Kate Davies' Yokes.
I am using Skein Queen Voluptuous yarn, which is a glorious hand-painted DK:  80% Exmoor Blueface and 20% organic merino.

I had one skein of the main colour "Don't Go Outside" from a club shipment.  The plum contrast in the same base came from a fellow Raveller's destash.

And when sense prevailed and I admitted I needed a second skein of the green, I was lucky enough to find another Ravelry friend who was willing to sell me her's.

Phew!  Thank you again!

Once the sleeves were joined to the body, my cardigan ceased to be quite so portable, so I cast on a sock.

This is Clerkenwell by SpillyJane, using onion-skin-dyed Donegal sock from Gregoria Fibers. 
The beetroot contrast is Marchmont wool from The Yarn Yard, leftover from my Ad Hoc Shawl.

After the colourwork, there is a richly textured cable section. 
Unfortunately, I didn't pack my smaller needles, and the cables are looking a bit sloppy at this gauge, so I have paused.

Back to Epistrophy!


christinelaennec said...

Beautiful knitting and colours, but most of all a fantastic photo of the two of you! I'm so pleased you got to go on holiday.

Linda C said...

Dear Roo,

When I saw the title LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS, I thought, did she read that too? There was a series called THE LITTLE HOUSE Books. It was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read some when I was a child, some when a teen and some with my own children. Story of a pioneer family. I don't know if you would like them, I did and my children did (Even the sons liked FARMER BOY, the story of the boy Laura met later and married)

So, how old is the dog? Present dog is six, but I remember we got her when she was 9 mos and in a shelter all her life, so I always knock a year off. Boxer Lab, my Annie is. Our Ella was a Lab Setter. We got her from her mother, and she lived until she was 16. She did not really mature until 9.

I am glad you and FL are having quiet peaceful holiday today - the mention of Fl driving reminds me of driving with Husband these days. It seems like he is stomping on the gas and zooming up so I am saying, (gasp) "watch out for that person crossing the street. "We do seem to have so many folks who pay no attention to the signals or crosswalk.

Love the crochet/knitting project. Will be eager to see more of them.


Miss said...

Hello Roo! Hello FL! Hello lovely doggy!
Hope you are all having a peaceful, restful holiday.
You are certainly both being productive.
Lovely to read your post.
Peace x

Jennifer Hill said...

Glad you're both having a peaceful and productive time. I've just looked at several of your the sock pattern, though yet to knit a sock; the Cyborgs Craftroom's yarns!!!(Mwah) and have pinned a couple of new Kate Davies patterns. I'm planning to knit her owl jumper for my Daughter 2 for Christmas, and am tempted by the new cardy version for me...? Jen

Ms Goodenough said...

That all looks lovely. Can't wait to hear about the cardie. I did vow never to knit anything again where size matters (firmly shawls and blankets of late) but that is SO tempting!
Heavenly holiday.

Laura Jantek said...

Missing your posts & hope your internet is soon alive and well!

Athene said...

A regular reader, I'm delurking just to say that I hope all is ok with you, I am really missing your posts.

sulkycat said...

Another here who hopes all is well and that no posts = no internet.

lemon said...


pamela said...

I too really enjoy your posts and hope it's just the broadband glitch that is keeping you off air.

Twelfthknit said...

I really hope that all is ok. Best wishes

pamela said...

This is my second attempt (I'm new to commenting), so hope it gets through. I too really look forward to your blog, and hope the silence is simply due to your broadband glitch. I'm sure your readers are thinking of you.

Adele Terrill said...

Hi Roo, I am missing your posts, I hope everything is ok with you and FL. God Bless