Friday, November 27, 2015

Sewing with Attitude

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for my simple coat, my spinning and my birthday.
And your kind words of comfort and encouragement for FL.

Life continues apace.  Another week has passed and I have not hit the "publish" button, despite a few attempts to drag my thoughts out into the world.
So let's have another try.

Sewing... what's next?

I am having kittens about this dress from Poetry.  It is made of impractical lightweight wool and costs £139.
And the more I look at it, the more I fear it looks like a nightshirt.
But imagine the same in a plain teal herringbone flannel...?
Ooh yeah!
I am on to it. 

I had a minor splurge in the Village Haberdashery sale today, and bought some beautiful plain-coloured jersey to make three long-sleeved tops.
Practical, some would say boring.

Rather less pedestrian inspiration has hit me in the form of Vogue 8813:

Have you see what IvyArch has done with this pattern?  Wow!
I am on the lookout for warm, drapey fabric with an interesting print.
Any recommendations?

I am trying not to over-commit myself by building up my fabric and pattern stash.
Sewing feels more difficult in the winter.
But that is the wrong attitude!
I need to let my inspiration lead me where it wants to go.


poppyinstitches said...

sounds like you have a great plan! Love the idea of teal herringbone flannel!

Margarita said...

Maybe if the hem was straight it would look more dress and less night shirt.
Could be very chic with the right layers, though.

Melissa said...

Oh that pattern! I had a look at Ivy Arch's two. Amazing how she put the different fabrics together in the second one. For this pattern, I think it's crucial to get the right fabric for it. Sounds like the jersey you have will work. I haven't bought that jersey and am interested to see how you like it.

I do find it harder to sew in winter too, which is why I just started taking a knitting class!

Jennifer Hill said...

I, too, love your coat, and will be interested to hear of your spinning progress. I have spun, briefly years ago, but not recently. These days I knit, and sew, though haven't managed any of the latter for a few weeks, partly due to Chronic Fatigue (a buggeration) and partly due to too much else to try to get done. So sorry to get the update that poor FL is struggling so. I do feel for you both. I would have thought he would qualify for NHS support at home if he wanted it. I'm thinking of your work commitments, which is obviously hard for you. They were very good, and speedy, with practical things when my mum was similarly ill, but I expect you've thought of that. Happy belated birthday; my 51st is in a couple of weeks. My best to you both, Jen

vintagerockchick said...

That Poetry dress is great - I should think a M&M Union dress pattern or maybe the Dress shirt would be good starting points?

Charlotte said...

I looked and looked and looked at that Poetry dress -- my hunch is a straight hem might be the ticket for those of us who are not willowy, tall, 15-year old models. And the Marcy Tilton is a pattern I keep looking at ...
I made 2 very simple shift dresses from the new Lotta Jansdottir book over our holiday weekend. One in pink/orange/purple plaid wool and one in turquoise/olive/brown plaid wool. Both are very fluffy cozy wools, although I fear I now look like an elderly toddler set loose upon the world.