Monday, December 14, 2015

Advent Sock day 14

FL was just finishing his lunch when I arrived to visit today.  He had eaten nearly everything and was still awake.
He was much more alert than yesterday and able to concentrate on reading and conversation. What a difference!
The haematology doctor came to see him at about 3pm.
She explained that they are still waiting for an appointment for radiotherapy to his sternum and would prefer he has this before he goes home. They are also keen for him to have some physiotherapy, but it is harder to arrange on the general ward than in Haematology, where there are still no beds available.
He said he really wants to go home asap.
I became quite anxious that he would get himself discharged without having any support arranged in the community.  I would be so worried to leave him home alone for an 9 hour working day, not knowing if he was warm enough / able to feed himself / steady enough on his feet to get around the house.
Poor FL thought I was refusing to have him home again and took some convincing that I was simply concerned for his basic health and safety.  The doctor understood what I was saying and asked FL to think about his new "base level" - it is lower than before and is likely to deteriorate from this point forward:  how much better it would be to have support in place now, before it becomes critical!
She explained that once he goes home it will be harder to access the initial assessment for support.  If the process can be started while he is in hospital it is likely to be quicker, as the hospital needs the bed and will put pressure on Social Services to assist.
All he really needs just now is to have someone look in on him at lunchtime on the days when I am at work, to check he gets some food, is drinking, and has enough heat.  But without that level of reassurance, I would be afraid to work full time.
He is not pleased.

Let's continue with sock B. Choose the colour of the day from a place you have wanted to visit.

I would love to visit Iceland.  I decided to google "Iceland knitting"and use the colour of the first image that came up:

Which pretty much left all options open to me!
A sheepy colour?  A rainbow variegated?
And then I thought about what I would like to see on a visit to Iceland and one of my answers was the Northern Lights.  So I unearthed the remains of a skein of Fleece Artist Sock in the colour "Cosmic Dawn":  perfect!  I love it so much!  


Cherie said...

Roo, this is a hard time for sure. You must insist he have the help, even if it is not at home. You know in your heart that anything can happen in just a few minutes. At this point, he may not like it, but for his health and safety, it should be done. I know, hard, hard, hard. Blessings to you every minute.

Because - you must take care of you. Healthwise, job wise, and all the other things you need. Your own financial security is so very important. Do you have a counselor or senior advisor to help with these decisions? Not sure if that is something available to you where you live. Do you have hospice? The hospice people here in Arizona remind everyone that one does not have to be within death's door to have them enter the picture. Because, FL's illness is terminal, they can be hugely helpful now. Does your area have home health care available? Not sure what your resources are where you are.

But prayers going your way!

Athene said...

Completely echo all of the above. We know how much you want him home again, but it's got to be with the right support otherwise he'll end up back in hospital. I'm really hoping they can do the few simple things needed to return him home. It sounds as if haematology doctor is on your side

Charlotte said...

Such a relief to hear he's coming around, and yes, echoing everyone else, you'll need some help.

I wish there was anything to say other than the platitudes -- we're all out here, thinking of you, trying to keep you company as best we can.

And the socks are stupendous!

Mary said...

It will be great to have FL at home. My experience was that our local hospice provided FANTASTIC support for us at home. Perhaps that kind of arrangement is also available for you. I hope so. Mary

Knitlass said...

Keep on keeping on. It's all any of us can do, isn't it? Thank heavens for knitting :-)

Coco said...

Hoping things work out for FL's assessment and therapies.

I adore your socks. I've not been successful using DPNs - feels like I have 10 needles in my hands. Could you post a picture of yourself holding your needles while knitting, so I can see where they are positioned as you work? I know this is a lot to ask - maybe you know where I can look online? thks so much - Coco

Lynn said...

Please be brave and let everyone, including FL, what you need too. Leaving the person I love home alone if I was worried they couldn't get food, drink and make it safely to the bathroom would be more than I could bear -- you are not being unreasonable and the doctor is trying to find the best way to get you both what you need. Hugs and prayers from afar.

Laura said...

That's such a tricky one to navigate - wanting him home and wanting him safe. It sounds like the doctor is really on board, though, so hopefully they can get something sorted for both of your peace of minds (peaces of mind? That sounds...fragmented...)

Fingers crossed for the services coming through!

Lizzi said...

It’s tough.

Jen Forsythe said...

Definitely now is the best time to get all of this in place, especially holding down a job. FL might be reluctant, but my experience with my dad was that he actually looked forward to the company coming in at lunch time. It sort of broke the day for him. Men especially are proud with these things, but he'll hopefully come around. Great to hear that the blood transfusions have helped.

SewTypical said...

Has anyone suggested opening a Go Fund Me account for you?

People could donate - the money could go to you, and maybe you could afford not to work for a while?

Just and idea...

Roobeedoo said...

Sew Typical - that would not be appropriate. Thank you the thought, but no.