Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent sock day 23

Today FL required reassurances that he is still very much part of our family, with The Girl at home and The Boy on his way, arriving late in the evening.
FL can't hear either of them unless he is concentrating hard and they are deliberately speaking more loudly and slowly than usual.
He has been waking from sleep unsure of where he is or who he is.  Yesterday he thought we lived in Canada.
He told me that he has twice wakened to find his mouth full of dissolving pills.  On one occasion, he was standing up at the table, eyes open, taking a sip of water to wash them down, but still believed himself to be asleep.  I have decided not to give him his evening morphine until he is in the bedroom, about to lie down.  It is by far the safest approach in this situation.

It's the time for the last stripe of sock B. Today we choose the colour and the pattern (more or less) randomly.
Choose the colour using this spinner (link in original blog). You can change the number of colours below the spinner.

I kept the colours of the original and spun it 23 times:  red!
I knitted my 23 rows in the morning, but had an almighty battle with the afterthought heel.  After I finished it, it was far too pointy and elongated in shape.  I don't know if that was my knitting or the pattern.  I ripped it out and tried again with the heel from Rachel Coopey's Dave sock pattern:  perfect!

I also bound off the upper rib too tightly.  I need to rip that out and try again, probably at the same time as finishing off Sock A.

And let's not mention the weaving in of the ends... guess who got a bit too snip-happy and cut a tiny hole in her sock?!  Grrrr.  My sock had to be darned before I even got to wear it!


pamela said...

Maybe it would be helpful to give FL something soft and mushy to eat after taking the pills? For example, a bit of mashed banana in yogurt, or even bread mashed up in milk with a bit of honey. Just to make sure the pills go down and also to help his stomach cope with them. The District Nurse / Macmillan Nurse may be helpful about this. If FL has difficulty swallowing, there is a gloopy substance that helps this, a kind of syrup - my uncle was given it in hospital by the spoonful, to help him get food / liquids safely down. Don't know what it's called, I'm afraid, but again the nurse should know. Sorry if all this is obvious - I'm sure you've already thought of it.

I hope, despite all, that you can enjoy Christmas with FL and your family. Sending good thoughts and wishes.

gracie327 said...

Dear Roo,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and your socks) during this very painful time for you and FL and your family. As your reader it is frustrating to read and be completely helpless to be able to lend a hand or to even drop over with bread or cookies. I hope that your Christmas is blessed and beautiful.

Lilbitbrit said...

One can only do ones best, and you know you have. And the sock knitting will keep you sane. My thoughts are with you.


Susie Hewer said...

Sending you and FL much love and good wishes. Treasure your time together. So glad to hear you've got support. Susie xxx

Knitlass said...

Have a good one, won't you?

Love the sock :-)

Sabs said...

It may be that FL is having too high a dose of morphine that is making him more drowsier than he should be ("over-opiated"). How is his pain? Could you talk to the nurses to see if the dose be reduced a little bit so that he still has good pain relief but is more alert? It might also be his that is making him muddled too. Hope things get better x

Lizzi said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Jenny Larking said...

Wishing you a peaceful and restful Christmas with your family. Socks are great - can you still remember the story of each colour?