Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Sock day 24: a pair!

Today's sock clue was to be taken from the comments on the host blog: participants were invited to suggest an inspiration for the next colour.
However my internet connection dropped out at the critical moment and would not let me leave a comment, so I couldn't inspire anyone else.
I decided to just please myself and use some of the yarn I bought for my Christmas Eve cast-on socks for the last 24 rows of my advent pair.
This is Opal Klangwelten in the Popmusik colourway.

darned in my last stray end late in the evening... so actually it looks like I will be having a Christmas Day cast-on this year.  That's OK!

We met FL's allocated Social Services Care Manager today.  
He was deeply suspicious of her, which I suppose is fair enough.  He believes we can manage fine on our own and doesn't understand why I think we need assistance.
My darling FL may be 80 years old, but he refuses to accept that he is an Old Man.  There will be no walking sticks or zimmer frames or "help" if he has anything to do with it.
However, I will be so much happier if he will allow them to supply us with a Community Alert pendant.  For £2 a week I will have the reassurance that if he is home alone and has an emergency of any kind, he can press the button to summon help.  That help would be from the people he nominates:  me, or one of his golf pals who lives in the village, or in the event of a true emergency it would be an ambulance.  I had no idea that this was possible in our remote location.
The other thing I have requested is to have someone come in to help him have a bath or shower once a week.  He resists my attempts to cajol him into the shower and it worries me that he goes for weeks without a proper wash.  A "professional" will have him in and out of the bathroom, washed and dressed again before he even has time to feel the cold (his main objection).  And I honestly believe he will feel better in himself if he is fresh and clean.
Right, I need to go and wake him for his pills and bed.
One more sleep before Santa comes!
Happy Christmas everyone!


TempestKnits said...

I hope you and FL have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, Ruth. Very best wishes from our home to yours.

poppyinstitches said...

Wishing you all a truly wonderful Christmas, x

Knitlass said...

Happy Christmas. Have a lovely time.

K.Line said...

Merry Xmas. I hope that FL feels as well as possible and that you and the kids can enjoy your time together with him.

MaryinTN said...

Hope FL, you and your kids have a restful and joyous Christmas. Thinking of you.

Athene said...

Wishing you both - and the Girl and Boy - a happy, peaceful and refreshing Christmas.

Jenny Larking said...

Happy Christmas Roo to you and yours. Happy cast on too.

blue hands said...

Happy Christmas, Roo! Enjoy your family today. xxx

lemon said...

In an unexplained way (not nicely phrased but could not find another way to say it) your posts brighten my day-dont know why, but at the same time I know, it is the way you see things AND the way you describe them.

Merry Christmas from Athens-Greece to all 4 of you <3

Coco said...

Happy Christmas, Roo. I imagine you really enjoy having the Girl, Boy, and FL at home for the holiday, even if your circumstances are difficult. Hoping things smooth out for you. Blessings of the season - coco

Mairead Hardy said...

Happy Christmas Roo! Your socks look fabulous, and Christmas must be Sipo much happier with your loved ones around you.

Melissa said...

I hear you on FL and I agree that having some help would make him feel better, and you too.

I hope you are having a good Christmas Day as I wake up to mine. The socks look wonderful!

Merry Christmas, Roo!

Anna said...

My Granny had a pendant and it was a great reassurance to us all, particularly when she got confused and couldn't remember who was supposed to be looking after her or why she was on her own if my parents popped out to the shops. Hopefully FL won't be as reluctant to actually push it as she was though!

Hope you had a great Christmas with your children and that you get the help you need, I have to say that I've been impressed with the District Nurses and Stoma Nurses that have visited me in the boonies and are at the end of the phone whenever I need help or reassurance and I've spoken to MacMillan several times on the phone for information too which was very useful.

Thinking of you both.

Unknown said...

As you know, SO important for FL AND you to know that he can summon help if he needs it. We had to kindly but firmly force help with my 95 year old Mum when she started to decline. She wasn't very happy with having a care-giver with her at all times (she wouldn't have used the "panic button"), but it was such a relief to me and gave me the time I needed to take care of her shopping, etc. plus maintain my job. Thinking of you and saying prayers for you often.

Jodie said...

It's Dec. 27th here in Edmonton, Canada and as the "rush" is a bit over for my husband and I, I'm thinking of you. I hope that it was a joyous Christmas and that you can work out the supports that you both need to make things work for FL at home. Love the socks! I received some lovely Manos del Uruguay sock yarn and a pattern for a shawl/scarflet that I cast on and am starting. Best wishes,