Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Advent Sock Day Two

Dear Cursing Commenters - I love that you felt able to use the words I was thinking but did not wish to commit to the interwebs :)
To all of you, whether restrained or otherwise, a million thank yous for making me smile on a grey day.
Last night FL enjoyed a blissful morphine-induced sleep, our first pain-free night in several months.  Such a relief for both of us!

Back to my Advent Sock...

Clue Two made my dis-numerate brain melt in a puddle of despair:

The pattern comes from your birthday, converted to binary number.
Knit the date in two rows; zeros with your main colour and ones with the colour of the day.

110001000111001100 is the binary code for my birth date, and comes in at 18 stitches.
I lopped off the final stitch to make the pattern repeat evenly round my sock

The colour of the day is determined from the binary value of the same date, but zeros converted to ones and ones to zeros. This binary value is then converted to a hexadecimal number, which are often used to describe colours on computers.

Disclaimer:  I used the links provided in the clue to perform the binary / decimal conversions.
I could not bring myself to invert the code to "calculate" the colour, so I simply converted the decimal date to a hexadecimal number.

Result:  a blazing cobalt blue - woo hoo!

After a little finagling, I came up with a two-row, 17 stitch repeat:

I did not have the perfect blue in my scrap bin, but found a variegated yarn which was good enough for a mere two rows.

I am really looking forward to working larger numbers of rows... but I hope the clues do not increase in complexity, as this one made my ears buzz ;)


Lynn said...

I wish there was more we could do for you than simply saying how much we all care and how sorry we all are about FL. I am glad the morphine has given him some relief from his pain and some rest.

The socks look like they will be amazingly vivid and interesting. Any distraction, even via convoluted mathematics, is a good thing right now.

Jodie said...

Bloody, bloody hell, Roo. I'm delurking from far away Alberta, Canada to say that I too, care. I'm so sad that this is what you are facing right now. I've had a busy few days of teaching (high school - age 15-17) and just now caught up to my blog reader. Your beautiful knitting and sock output has inspired me and I'm 1.5 socks in to a lovely and restful creative journey.

I'm glad to know that the pain relief is working. Take care of yourself and know that you are loved and supported by many, around the world. If by nothing more than wishes and intention, I hope for a good outcome for you both. Best wishes, Jodie

Unknown said...

I, too, and delurking and am writing from Colorado USA. I have followed your journey for the past year and your caring and support of FL have moved me tremendously. I'm so glad you both got a little respite from the pain. I will continue to send caring thoughts your way. Andrea P.

Eileensews said...

So sorry to hear that your beloved's journey has been such a long one.
Your knitting is always beautiful and interesting.

Sabs said...

Glad you both got some respite from the pain and lack of sleep. Palliative care services are brilliant so I hope they can give you more relief over the coming days. More hugs xx

Lucy said...

Thank goodness for a night of sleep.

On a knitting note, these clues are making my Aspie brain very happy indeed!

Mad about Craft said...

You've totally lost me, if I were knitting this sock I suspect it would end up more holes than stitches.