Friday, January 08, 2016

Spinning in The Rain

It was only when I caught the news on TV this evening that I realised why people were worried about us.
Aberdeenshire is awash!
10am this morning
Last night, rainwater started to pour through the kitchen skylight.  The seal is dodgy  and has been for years, but it usually only gives way when the snow starts to thaw.  It is one of those things I need to take control of and get fixed... but it wasn't going to happen at 10pm, so I stuck a sheep-feed bucket underneath, draped the French dresser with bin bags, and went to the bedroom to fetch FL's hot water bottle.
The small puddle by the east-facing wall had turned into a big pond which stretched from the fireplace to the door.
I had to divert FL from his bed-wards stagger while I mopped it up.  It took me the best part of an hour.  I built a dam of towels round the affected area and escorted him through the shallows to the bed, which is at the other end of the room and therefore safe and dry.
We stuck our heads under the duvet and hoped for the best.
3pm this afternoon
This morning I mopped again and got the towels washed and out on the line... because by some miracle it turned out to be a bright and sunny day...despite a light fall of snow!
However, all that weather has cut us off from civilisation.
One by one the appointments were cancelled:

  • Community Alarm?  Next Wednesday.
  • District Nurse?  Monday.
  • MacMillan Nurse?  Monday.
So we are no further forward.
This morning I was at the end of my tether.
But when I saw the footage of the floods that surround us, I realised that we are actually incredibly lucky. 
Some people have lost their homes.
We just have a few soggy towels.

I spent the afternoon at my spinning wheel.

Tonight I am casting on a new sock.

It's the weekend and we are not going anywhere.
We will be fine.


HappyAcademicRunner said...

Have a peaceful weekend Roo. Xx

Athene said...

Sorry to hear the appointments were cancelled, but hope you have a calm weekend with some breathing space.

Lilly's Mom said...

I'm happy to hear you're safe but what a way to start your weekend. Hopefully the medical appointments can get back on schedule. We've just had the first storm of El nino and it wrecked havoc with some areas with all the rain. I hope you can be warm and dry and rest for the weekend. Pat :)

Lizzi said...

I so admire your stoicism. You are a very strong lady!

Emma said...

I did wonder if you'd caught the worst of the storm. All those poor people who've lost somuch and will have months of clearing up after being flooded. :-(
Not great for you, but you are, at least, relatively dry. You don't need the extra stress though. Nor do you need all those appointments being put back. Still, nothing you can do about it.
Hunker down, keep warm and spin and knit on!

CarolS said...

Roobeedoo: Tough necessarily so, strong, loving and more than admirable. I originally found you via a comment on Dovegreyreader so I endorse others' suggestion that you keep up with her when you can, if you can.
I think of you everyday, several times a day and try to send you patience, more love, all you need while feeling ineffective miles and more miles away darn south. Keep on keeping on. Best to you both.
And yes re music if at possible

CarolS said...

PS I told my husband some of what you are going through ie not the support you need and expected, he said it's the state of our staggering NHS.... NOT GOOD

velosewer said...

Sounds like you will be fine. I hope the weekend stays calm.

Jenny Larking said...

I'm fed up with this rain. I think I'm growing webbed toes and my house is constantly dirty and smelly with the dampness of dogs! Roll on colder but drier weather. Hope you can get your leaks fixed soon. On a knitting note I have finished a sweater for myself and am thrilled, not because it's my first but because I haven't been able to knit for some years due to health problems. It took a few months but at least I could spend time at one of my favourite relaxations again.

rosylea said...

The rain is getting to me also; as a daily cycle commuter I am truly fed up with the wet weather gear and never looking tidy at work. I do admire your valiant stoicism - hope your weekend is copable with, and that those appointments next week bring some help. Your knitting continues to inspire...R

Lucy said...

I am relieved on your behalf, but please, Roo, If you find yourself at breaking point, reach out to someone. By phone or by internet, whatever feels most appropriate in the circumstances. Over 100 people commented on your post a couple of days ago, from all over the world, and I'm sure that every single one of them will gladly 'sit with you' and chat with you if you need it. You are showing incredible strength in adversity, but part of what will enable you to continue being strong is being able to ask for help.

(On the plus side, this might tip FL into accepting that he needs to go into a hospice...?)

Mog said...

Whoever sent the wet stuff can stop now. Like you don't have enough on your plate. It's great that you're crafting. There's nothing better than woolly meditation to keep us going; yes, OK, a little tonic and a whacking great gin might assist too.

May your puddles be smaller today, and your day be easier. X

Knitlass said...

Glad to hear you are relatively dry ;-)

Sunshine - what a novelty! I don't think I can remember the last time I saw it, it's been so dark these last few days.

Have a good crafty weekend.

goldfishgirl said...

Roo, I've been a long time reader of your blog. Your current journey with FL reminds me of my own with my father. Spinning was my lifeline then too. I'd like to send you something lovely to spin (to arrive when the postie can get through the floods!). Could you drop me a line with some contact details, and I'll help you choose something special from my fibre shop. Karen / Wildcraft

Mindo said...

I just found your blog, and wanted to comment to send a smidgen of support.

I helped care for my father when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Going home from the hospital wasn't an option as he had suddenly lost ambulatory function, and was also rather confused. It was so hard breaking it to him that he wouldn't be able to go home, and would have to go into a nursing home that provided hospice care. There was just no way he could have gone home, I explored every option and would have stayed there to be his main carer.

The nursing home was a godsend. A comfortable hospital bed, with an extension because he was so tall, a bath with a motorised lift, strong and gentle carers for daily bed baths when the bath became too much to contemplate, medication when needed, food on demand, the list goes on an on. Hospice was not an awful place even though it wasn't home, it was a peaceful and caring place where my father's needs were met over and over again, and where I was respected and also cared for.

I hope your FL will accept the care that, in my opinion, will make him more comfortable and allow you to spend time with him without worrying about the physical caring. I can only begin to imagine what you are going through, it was hard enough with a parent but, when its your husband, it must be immeasurably more difficult. Sending all best wishes.

Laura said...

I hope things have dried up since Friday - water is always such a nightmare to deal with. It sounds like hunkering down and waiting it out is the one option, even if it's a rotten one. Hope tomorrow's appointments go ahead as planned xxx