Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Apprentice

There was a new-to-us nurse on duty at the hospice today, and it turned out that she is a friend of one of FL's golf buddies.  I suspect she is always... what shall we say... ebullient? She certainly took a lively interest in FL and I today.
She decided that I was going to be her apprentice and she was going to teach me how to give FL a bed bath.
He winced and closed his eyes.
There was no escape for either of us.
I have new skills, people!

I am not sure she picked the best day for her lesson, however, as he had just finished telling me that he didn't think he would still be alive the next morning:  "I am dying," he explained.  So all the time we were washing him I could not get it out of my head that we were dressing his body ready for the wake.
Oh my.

Overnight, they had given him a new gadget to try to prevent nappy rash.  They call it a Uro-dome, which sounds like a sporting venue, but is actually a sort of condom attached to a collection bag. He didn't know it was there and his face was a picture when I queried his lack of underpants and he took a perplexed peek under the sheet...!
After his wash, he wanted rid of the thing and I can't say I blame him.  Nice try, but... no.

He was awake more today than yesterday, and was managing to sip iced water through a straw.
But he has stopped taking paracetamol as it makes him sick.
The only drug he is taking now is Hydromorphone, the big painkiller.

Today I worked on my Tumbling Blocks striped sock (pattern by Leah Oakley).
The heel flap has a lovely Ribbed Diamond texture.

I showed him my new hat, but he wasn't in the mood for nonsense.
Still, he smiled and waved when I left.


TempestKnits said...

My Father hated his Uro Dome too! To coin his phrase 'what fresh hell is this'?!? I am however glad that the hospice is doing all they possibly can to keep your dear FL comfortable - this is their expertise, and so very much better than hospital. Sending you much love.

Glasto63 said...
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Glasto63 said...

Love the diamond pattern. Keep strong, you amazing woman. Sending virtual hugs X.

Louise Perry said...

Good that he was more awake today, and able to drink a little.

Charlotte said...

Oh! The indignities of the body -- That will come to us all one day -- good on you both for maintaining some kind of humor, and for taking joy in your gorgeous pink hat. I love the socks too, but they're far too complicated for my head to take in ... I aspire to your sock expertise.

seamedstraightforward said...

Bless him! FL is trying so hard, for your sake. I didn't realise they still used Uridoms, I trained as a nurse in the 70s and remember them from then. It was worth a try, but if he doesn't like it, then it's back to the drawing board. At least he is being given options.
As always, keeping you both in my thoughts and wishing you some moments to treasure.

Susan_in_Peckham said...

Lovely socks :)
It's hard to know how to respond to unflaggingly happy / energetic people when one isn't feeling that way...
Wishing you both a peaceful night (:

Lizzi said...

I am so glad to hear that you have both maintained a sense of humour throughout.

Hats off to you both.

ambermog said...

Thinking of you both as always xx

Miss said...

Hmmm. If neither you nor FL want you to be the apprentice, am sure you can decline.
Your wooly output is, as always, superb.
Thoughts and prayers xx

Sarahel said...

Thank goodness for seeing the funny side!

Is the heel similar to 'eye of partridge'? That's a favourite with me.

from103 said...

Keep going.Thanks for writing so poignantly. Thinking of you both, Sx ps I agree with the poster above who said you can decline if there is anything you or FL don't want

MaryinTN said...

Thinking of you both. Glad he is more alert. Your knitting is beautiful.

Amelia said...

Strength and love from me to you X

greenmtngirl said...

So glad FL was able to drink a bit--he will be so much more comfortable. When my grandmother was dying, she drifted in and out like that, with better days and worse ones. Thinking of you and reading along every day.

Lynne said...

Beautiful knitting... thinking of you both!